Keeping clean Bundle

Keeping clean Bundle

The Simple Concept
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The Simple Concept shop has put together this keeping clean bundle to help you get stay safe, stay clean & reduce waste all at the same time! 

First up is our DIY Santizing Wipes Kit - no more waiting in line, wondering if the store is make them at home as often as you need them. 
The basic kits comes with:
- 1 Empty 1L mason jar to assemble your wipes
- 10 cloth 8x8 cotton flannel wipes (you can upgrade to 20 or 30 wipes)
- 1 ReCap wide flip cap top (attaches to the mason jar to make accessing your wipes super easy!)
- 1L jar of Sanitizer (you only need 35ml of sanitizer mixed with 1 cup of water to make a batch of wipes! and this sanitizer can be refilled again and again! The sanitizer can be used to make a sanitizing spray or even be used in the laundry too!)

Next, we have hand soap! We all need hand soap right now. You have the choice between a Green Tea Scented hand soap or an Unscented. Both are delivered via mason jar to reduce plastic and can be refilled again and again.

We need to clean ourselves but also our homes! So to clean those surfaces before sanitizing, we provide you with an all purpose cleaner. You have the choice between a ready to use multi surface cleaner, or a concentrated all purpose cleaner that you simply mix with water. 

And on top of all that... you'll receive hand sanitizer! A 60ml jar of liquid spray hand sanitizer that is a perfect size for your bathroom cupboard or purse. 

*if you want to give the option to add on 20 or 30 wipes, then it would be an additional $9 for every 10 wipes*