Laundry Love Bundle

Laundry Love Bundle

The Simple Concept
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The Simple Concept shop has put together this Laundry Love bundle to help you reduce waste and swap in some more eco-friendly products when it comes to your laundry. This bundle features some amazing things for you to choose from!

I know changing up detergents may be hard for some people, but trust me these options are amazing! At least give this bundle a try and you receive a 1L jar to use and try out. Our detergents are delivered via mason jar to reduce plastic and can be refilled again and again. You have the choice between a heavenly scent of Linden Flower or for anyone with sensitive noses, there is The Unscented Company. 

Next you have some decisions to make! There are 4 options and we ask that you choose 2. 
Choice 1: Fabric Softener - Linden Flower Scent - 1L Mason Jar
Choice 2: Eco Friendly Sanitizer - great for laundry (clothing and even cloth diapers) and can be diluted to make a spray for surfaces. Use 30ml/load. 1L Mason Jar. 
Choice 3: 12% Cleaning Vinegar - this is a great fabric softener and can be used in so many other ways! 12% vs. 5% that you get in the grocery store is only for cleaning and not for consumption
Choice 4: Mesh Laundry Bag - keep those cloths together, protect your dedicates, or never loose socks again!

Let's keep going, next up is stain remover. This stain remover is amazing. Pour a little directly onto the stain, allow to sit for 30 minutes and pop it in the wash! Delivered via mason jar that can be refilled again and again. 

Finally, one of the most popular swaps going - replace those dryer sheets with wool dryer balls - you will get 3 with this bundle! They are excellent to reduce static and drying time. No more waste!
At check out in the notes section please let us know what 2 options you would like from the choice section.