Become a Vendor

Are you looking to dip your toes into retail and make a little extra money right now?

This pandemic has been hard for everyone, especially small local shops. We are here to give you a platform where you can set up a “store within a store”. Take the chance of trying retail, but without the big risk of all the large overhead costs.

Markets by Dream Day 2020 rates

You may be thinking, is it really smart to get into retail with COVID going on in the world?  The answer is a huge YES! Now more than ever, customers want to shop local to support their local economy. Without pop-ups and big market shows happening, it's been hard for them to do that. So they have been flocking to our stores.

Our Bowmanville location just opened up downtown, right on King Street - you know the part where they normally shut down the roads and do huge events. Right there. Within our first month of opening (July 2020), we did over $55,000 in sales. Yes you didn't read that wrong, this is what we mean by everyone wanting to shop local right now.

Our Brooklin location has been open for over a year now in downtown Brooklin and has been thriving. We opened April 2019 and the first 9 months of being open we did over half a million in sales, doing over $113,000 alone in December. We had a lot of days doing over $10,000 in sales!

As one of our vendors, you get to keep 100% of your sales. The only cost to you is a membership fee, which covers your space, online listings, popping up in store with your full line, access to our private group where you can ask questions from our veteran vendors and so much more.

If you're loving these numbers and want some more information on who we are, how we got started and what the fees are, or want to apply, please check out our online application

 Pickering Town Centre Application